Exhibitions / Nahrain: Two Rivers, Casula Powerhouse Museum

08.02.2014 to 30.03.2014

Following on from our 2013 exhibition Landlock, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre presents Nahrain for 2014. 

Nahrain is inspired by a region’s name relating to ancient Mesopotamia, meaning the land between two rivers. The region largely corresponds to present day Iraq, as well as North Eastern Syria, parts of South Eastern Turkey, Central Kuwait and parts of South Western Iran. Nahrain will present audiences with various artistic reflections and interpretations relating to the region’s history, geography, environment and cultural referencing. The exhibition, through contemporary artworks, will instil the seeds for conversation with the region’s splendour, diversity and complexity.

Visual artists include: Saif Almurayati, Brook Andrew, Mary Jane Caswell, Ella Condon, Raafat Ishak, Abbas Makrab, Kate Mitchell, Tom Nicholson, Josh Wodak and Jamil Yamani.

The Invisible Force 2014 by Ella Condon

The Invisible Force  2014

Video Installation