Exhibitions / Illuminations

06.07.2011 to 07.07.2011

This installment in the Illuminations Screening program at Bondi Pavilion is titled Echoes of Echo, curated by Ella Condon it features the work of Anne Ferran, Bradly Treadaway, Dylan Ladds, Ella Condon, Juhani Koivumäki, Katharine Rogers, Kelly Geddes, Laura Ward, Lucas Davidson, Sari Kivinen, Yanni Kronenberg.

Echoes of Echo considers spaces that affect us. This selection of video based work explores transitory ideas of the body and embodiment, spatial relationships and reflections to our environment, the passing of time and the body within space. Often blurring the line between sound, performance, dance and photography, this screening presents an International line up of artists interacting with these ideas.


Essay written by Biljana Jancic

Laura Ward, LES 2011 by Ella Condon

Laura Ward, LES  2011